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Specialty services provided by Fourth Avenue Dental


Fourth avenue dental is a certified anaesthesia facility. Dr G. Garisto (dental anaesthesiologist) can provide dental care while you are asleep. Whether it is a crying child or an anxious adult, with sleep dentistry you can have all your treatment done in one visit in a much more pleasant environment.


Due to the excessive need for specialized dentistry for children, Fourth avenue dental has a peadodontist on staff. Dr L. Goldenberg (child specialist) can provide treatment to a wide range of children who otherwise would not co-operate in a regular dental setting.


With the aging population in Niagara, the need for proper gum care has become very important. Our periodontist, Dr N Derakshan ( gum specialist), works together with our experienced, well trained dental hygienists to provide our patients with proper gum maintenance and a healthy smile.


Need a root canal? At fourth avenue dental we have an endodontist as part of our team. Dr A. Persadmehr (root canal specialist) can treat you in an efficient manner and help relieve your pain.


Replacing missing teeth with dental implants can help you achieve that perfect smile while also helping with functionality. We offer several options to suit your needs with single or multiple implants with crowns, implant supported bridges or implant supported dentures.